Best Stroller for Disney with Canopy World (2020)

While choosing the best stroller for Disney for your child can seem to be an impossible task with so many options, the positive reviews and low price of this stroller can make that choice a lot simpler.

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Best Stroller For DisneyDisney Baby Winnie-the-Pooh Umbrella Stroller with CanopyColor: My Hunny Stripes
Note: Maximum Weight Recommendation 40.00 pounds
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Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight StrollerBaby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller, Princeton
Color: Princeton
Note: Maximum Weight Recommendation 50.00 pounds
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Jeep North Star Stroller, Black with GreyJeep North Star Stroller, Black with GreyColor: Black with Grey
Note: Maximum Weight Recommendation 40.00 pounds
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Who doesn’t want more of the magic of Disney in their life? This umbrella stroller sold by Disney can add some magic to everyday life, as it is easy to use and light to carry. While Disney is adored universally, the lilac and baby blue pattern on this stroller, featuring beloved characters Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet, is appropriate for both boys and girls, and will not go out of style any time soon.

Advantages of The Best stroller for Disney:

Most Attractive

While the cool striped and lovable characters may be what initially attracts the eye to this stroller, it’s the price that most people really love. At only $24.99, this is undoubtedly a bargain. While most people initially purchased the umbrella stroller for the price, they have not been disappointed in the quality they received – in fact it is the number 1 best seller in lightweight baby strollers on Amazon, with a staggeringly high average rating of 4.5 stars.

Knowing parents are exceedingly particular and cautious when it comes to products for their young children, this rating for this price provides a true reflection of how much of a bargain this best stroller for disney is.

Easy to Fold

Like Best stroller for Disney, this is easy to fold and unfold, and is extremely compact when folded. While there isn’t specifically a one-handed fold, some parents are able to do so with ease whilst holding onto their children with the other hand. Once folded, the stroller is exceedingly easy to carry – at less than 9 pounds, it’s extremely light, and the comfortable covered handles make carrying the stroller even easier.

Includes Canopy

Even better, this stroller includes a canopy, which provides shade for the child, and which will fold with the stroller for ultimate ease, though it can be removed as and when you want.

It’s also remarkably easy to assemble when you receive the stroller, the parts simply click together, and more advice is readily available from the manufacturer. Plus, once the stroller is folded, there is a useful plastic clasp to keep the stroller from collapsing or unfolding should something knock it. It is secure when locked which means parents can relax once it’s folded.

Easy to travel

There’s a consensus amongst parents that this stroller is a solution to city living and traveling with children – the lightweight compact nature is perfect for crowded streets, and the easy to use umbrella fold means that getting on and off public transport is totally hassle-free. Similarly with travel, this stroller is small and compact enough to whizz through airports, but also to carry and pack without making your luggage bulky and hard to manage. While it may not have enough storage space, Despite that it is the best stroller for Disney.

Long Time Usable

This stroller can be used by parents of children up to age 5 – the guidelines state that as long as the middle of the child’s head is equal to or below the top of the stroller, then they are not large for it, and the guidelines indicate a maximum weight of 40 pounds, meaning this stroller, a bargain of itself, could actually prove to be a sound investment, as it would be suitable for your child for a good few years – and the style isn’t something the child would grow out of.

Disadvantages Of The Best stroller for Disney:

Not comfortable

There are however, some points parents should be aware of before purchasing the Best stroller for Disney. The first is that this is not appropriate for children who are not yet able to sit up independently. There is no recline on the stroller, and so the child will be sitting upright the whole time they are in it. If your child can’t sit up by themselves, or needs a reline in order to nap, then it may not be appropriate for you.

Adding to this is the fact that there is a three-point harness, which provides enough security for older children who can sit up themselves, but would not be adequate for babies who need support when sitting up. This harness only fastens around the waist, so the stroller is generally recommended by parents for 3-5-year-olds.

Taller Parents

Another recurring comment from parents is that this stroller does not feature adjustable handles, and while this isn’t a problem for shorter parents, taller parents are not comfortable bending down and pushing this stroller for long periods of time. Whilst it’s not a problem for a short period of time, it is not advisable to use this stroller on longer walks if you’re a taller parent, as you may experience back pain and discomfort.

Uneven Surfaces

Also, while city dwellers seem to love this stroller, there have been reports on the wheels, while being durable, not working well on bumpy, gravelly, or muddy surfaces. It’s better for the linear city routes on the smooth sidewalk, rather than twisty country roads on mixed terrain.

Small Storage

One final issue with the stroller is the absence of any storage space – as every parent knows, babies and children come with a lot of baggage, and there’s nowhere in this stroller to store diaper bags, etc. There are accessories available, such as a bag that attaches to the stroller, which would resolve this issue; however there is no storage provided with the original stroller.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable for Mom or Dad
  • Folds down easily
  • Storage Basket


  • Smallish sun canopy
  • Small storage basket

What parents are saying

“I’m really excited about this little stroller. I bought it specifically for some plane trips coming up. It will be great for rolling through airports. It’s a breeze to open and close and it’s really lightweight. With some practice, I think I can open/close it with one hand while wrangling a 2-year-old with the other.” review by Amazon.

“Great lightweight umbrella stroller. We had it shipped to my in-law’s house & used it on vacation. We left it there for the other grand kids that visit. It help up and wheeled around great for our 15-month-old. I expect to be using it again this summer with plenty of ease.” – review by Amazon.


  • Is this light weight?

    Yes it’s VERY light weight when no kid sitting in it.

  • What is the shipping weight and packaging dimensions?

    The corrected shipping weight for this item is 8 pounds and the dimension of the box is 40 x 8 x 8″

  • What’s this stroller’s weight limit?

    The weight limit for this stroller is 40 pounds

  • Can you remove the canopy?

    The Canopy is a permanent part of the stroller.

  • Can i use it for a new born?

    I wouldn’t use for a new born. Need good head control and able to sit up. Better for 8 to 12 months on up.

The Conclusion

To conclude, for a lightweight, compact stroller for a child aged 3-5, there is no reason to look elsewhere. As a spare for traveling or grandparents, or for city-dwelling families this is also ideal, The amazingly low price and high quality of this stroller make it an absolute bargain, that would fit most parents’ needs for a Best Stroller for Disney, however, please be aware that taller parents may struggle to use this for longer periods of time, and additional storage bags may need to be purchased.