Best Chicco Liteway Stroller (Review 2020)

Chicco Liteway Stroller

While shopping for any baby umbrella stroller can be difficult with so many options available, at $139.99 the Chicco Liteway Stroller in Jasmine is stylish, safe, and functional, consistently receiving four and five-star reviews from real parents. Plus, your mind can rest at ease with free shipping and returns, so should you realize that this stroller is actually not for you, you can send it back without any additional cost or hassle. I think you can easily find a Chico Lightway Stroller by reading this Chico Lightway Stroller Review article.

Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

Not only is this stroller functional, but it’s also incredibly stylish in black with a colorful purple canopy, ensuring this stroller has a classical feel that will always be in season, and can, therefore, be seen as an investment purchase, as it could last you for years. This could see you all the way from birth to forty pounds, saving a fortune in buying as your child grows, and the hassle of choosing and assembling more strollers. The tailoring of the Chico Lightway Stroller is super modern, and the high tech wheels, which also improve agility, all contribute to this sleek look. Do you know, how to Choose a Baby Stroller?


In terms of functionality, this Chicco Liteway Stroller is remarkably easy to use. The lightweight aluminum elliptical tubing means the frame is sturdy and strong while remaining light and easy to fold up and down. It’s compact while folded away, and includes a carry handle ensuring it’s portable and easy to travel with. The weight overall is 17.5 pounds which is light enough to carry conveniently with the handle.  More features appreciated by parents include the incredible amount of storage space available in the basket for keeping the many essentials required for leaving the house with a baby.


This storage basket can also even be converted into a backpack for parents, provided Chicco Liteway Stroller, and meaning you can keep all of those essentials accessible.

Locking System

Parents can also relax knowing that there are toe-tap locking brakes to keep the stroller steady and secure. The locking mechanism works on the rear wheels, while the front wheels swivel for optimum agility and maneuverability. There is also rear wheel suspension, which means your child can enjoy a smooth ride.

Long Term Investment

While it’s easy for the parent to use, the Chicco Liteway stroller is also a great choice for your child, with five backrest positions – as the needs of a newborn would be different than for a two or three-year-old, once again proving that this could be a long term investment – including fully reclined, meaning your baby can comfortably nap while on the go.

Easy Adjustable

There is actually even a hide-away boot enclosure for sleeping babies, so they won’t be disturbed from their slumber by the noises of the outside world. One of the best parts of this reclining seat is that it is adjustable with one hand, and so reduces the need to stop and wrestle with your stroller, you can adapt to your babies needs while on the go.

Fold and storage Advantage

Also one-handed is the fold release, so you can hold onto your baby or child while getting the stroller ready to put them in. And as with all good umbrella strollers, folding the stroller is a breeze, and it’s compact enough to easily be stored in the trunk of a car on taken onto public transport. There is an automatic storage latch, meaning that once you have folded the stroller, you can completely forget about it, safe in the knowledge that it will remain upright and compact until you need it again. The leg rest is adjustable, with two positions, ensuring your child remains comfortable as they grow, and end up dangling their legs in front of the stroller.

Padded Handles

While on the go, this Chicco Liteway Stroller has padded handles, meaning it can be used for long periods of time comfortably, during which your child is protected from the elements by the adjustable canopy, which has a flip-out visor for protection from harsh sun rays, and a detachable rear-zip weather panel.

Canopy Features

While walking you are also easily able to keep an eye on your child as the canopy features a peek-a-boo window to keep your mind at ease and your baby in your sights at all times. Having an adjustable canopy, backrest, and leg rest, means this baby stroller really does grow with your child and provides them custom comfort for any type of journey.


The compact lightweight nature means this stroller could be used by city dweller, who need something easily adjustable while getting on and off public transport, and agile while twisting through crowded sidewalks, while the larger wheels, strong frame and suspension wheels, meant that the Chicco Liteway Stroller can be used for longer walks on rougher terrain through the countryside or while traveling.


The stroller is also easy to maintain, which is good news to most parents who spend whole hours of their life cleaning up after their babies. It’s simple – any plastic or aluminum parts can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth. The metal parts need to be dried should the stroller get wet, in order to prevent rust forming.

Chicco Liteway Stroller



Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

The Conclusion

To conclude, for the price of this Chicco Liteway Stroller, a lot of helpful features are included. While it looks infinitely sleek and modern, in black that never goes out of style and hides the multitude of stains and spills that naturally occur around children, the color pop purple canopy provides personality and a fashionable edge. The modern tailoring and aluminum frame are sleek, but features like the larger wheels, five-point harness, and adjustable canopy prioritize a child’s safety – while the adjustable reclining seat and leg rest maximize their comfort. This is a great all-rounder stroller that could be used to suit any needs.

While cheaper strollers could be a lot lighter, with 17.5 pounds being nowhere near the lightest option on the market, the metal frame ensures that you are getting a strong and durable frame, that is all the same, still easy to carry, particularly with the handle. This would be a great investment for someone looking for a stylish stroller that can be used from birth to childhood.