5 Simple Tips: How to Baby Happy in the Stroller

Although a majority of the parents would love to hold their babies when they are outdoor, once they grow a bit heavier and older it may not be possible to keep holding them for a longer time. It hurts your back and besides if you are out shopping it might not be possible to carry your grocery bags as well as your little one. That is the reason most of the time you need to keep your baby happy in the stroller.

But then, especially if they are new to it, most babies don’t like it in the stroller. They also don’t like it because it can get a bit boring out there. Here are some of the useful tips that you can apply to keep your baby occupied and more importantly happy in the stroller.

These five tips on how to baby happy in the stroller

1. Get your baby Comfort Objects like Toys

There are some stages where children enjoy to keep on dropping things on the floor and wait for your reaction as a parent. The last thing you would want is your baby to keep constantly on doing this, forcing you to stop and pick them after every short distance. Acquiring a stroller accessory that is attached to the stroller or the baby will help the baby not to keep dropping the toys deliberately.

Toys that come with inbuilt sounds and lights will be much more entertaining and engaging to your baby. If you would want to hold your baby’s attention for a longer time, make sure that the toy has either of this. Toys that require your little one to do something keep them happier and engaging unlike those that require them to do nothing interactive about it.

Baby Happy

It is a good idea to keep a variety of toys in hand depending on the duration you need to keep your baby occupied. It is a good idea to keep the toys in the baby bag, that way as soon as the baby gets bored with one you change it to another one.

2. Use your Stroller Umbrella even if it is not Raining

Sometimes your baby may be in a bad mood and you would want to put on the stroller umbrella even if it is not raining. It is proven that the umbrella stroller acts as a calming agent for the baby. May he is not in the mood for the wind blowing over his face or the cold temperatures stinging his chicks. The baby might also be in the mood of viewing the world in the safety of the stroller umbrella. Whatever the reason may be, the stroller umbrella keeps the baby calm and happy 96% of the time.

Stroller Umbrella

Most unhappy parents could have skipped a lot of disappointments if they understood what an umbrella stroller is. It is very important if you can spend some time researching the best umbrella stroller. They are the barebones solution for baby transport that is a perfect compromise between comfort and portability hence keeping the baby happy.

3. Change the Baby’s Diaper, Get food, water, and an Extra Diaper

Ten minutes before leaving the house, you should change the baby diaper. Make sure you do change it again after reaching your destination (especially if you are using cloth diapering). Yes, this may sound annoying since it is one more thing you have to do, but if you want to keep your baby happy in the stroller, you don’t have much of a choice. The fresher the diaper is, the happier the baby will be during the walk.

Baby Diaper

Make sure you bring an extra diaper and keep on changing the baby after an hour or so. It can get very ugly for you if you forgot to carry one and the baby loads the one he is currently having.

You should never underestimate the power a snack may have over the baby. Babies can go from a very bad mood to sweet angels when you give them their favorite snack. You should also bring water and some fruit for the baby.

4. Keep the Baby Socks and Hat on

For the parents who have been having the babies under their care knows how difficult it is to keep the baby’s socks on. The baby will always try to reap the hat after every few minutes, but people are now brighter and have the hats that you can tie at the bottom. It can become a bit of a nightmare when it comes to socks. No matter how long, how tight, or how adorable they are the baby refuses to keep them on. They will pull them off and hysterically laugh at the achievement.

Baby Socks

You can be out with your kid and on cold weather. When children, especially under the age of three, feel cold may tend to be and may start crying without you figuring out the reason. Try as much as possible to keep that hat and socks on for a happy baby.

5. If Everything Else Fails, Stop and Comfort the Baby

Despite you applying all those amusing distractions, if the baby is still not happy in the stroller it may be probably the time for you to stop now, take a break, and give the baby full attention. As much as you may hate to keep on stopping when you are out there with your little one, it is a good thing to do if things don’t work out with all the other things. Your child might just be requiring your full attention.

Baby Stroller

Some parents would want to assume that they can ignore the baby while crying and things would get better after some time. This might work and most of the time it does work. All you need to do is show a stone face to your child and try to ignore the screams and with no time he will be happy again.

As much as that might work, if the child persists crying, just have her in your arms and comfort her.


There you have it, apply the tips above and you will be amazed at the happy and successful walk you will have with your baby in the stroller. As parents, it is also good to have a good stroller with the best umbrella stroller if you have some cash to spare. It will always have a positive impact on the baby’s happiness.