How to style a coffee table?

How to style a coffee table: Today, I share my 18 insider tips for styling a coffee table. What is a topic that clients and readers of my blog are constantly asking me for advice on?

Keep in mind that Who can style coffee tables of different shapes and sizes in various ways. Because the tabletop has different dimensions, they must be. Below are my guidelines for styling coffee tables. I will then go into detail about specific table shapes.

This post should make you feel confident decorating your How to style a coffee table. Perhaps you will even realize that there are things you can do right. Let’s get going!

The Universal Rules of Style for a Coffee Table

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The Universal Rules of Style for a Coffee Table

These 18 tips apply to all sizes, shapes, and colors of how to style a coffee table. These are the general rules that you can use to decorate your coffee table. These are the general guidelines that you should follow. We can then get into more specific ideas for your how to decorate a coffee table shape.

Before we continue, I want to point out that all images in this post are from the Coco Republic. Their website is fantastic. I have been looking at their designs lately as I am a furniture designer for clients. You’ll find ideas on how to style your How to style a coffee table here, and I bet you’ll also get inspiration from their living rooms!

1. Make sure your style reflects your theme

You don’t want your home to feel too themed. However, it would help if you had a consistent vibe. Are you looking for a serene space that evokes Hamptons style or something more modern and boho? No matter what your style, make sure the how to decorate a coffee table objects reflect it.

2. Make sure your personality shines

While it’s nice to have store-bought decor, your How to style a coffee table design should reflect your taste. I have already explained to you why you should have more strange things in your home. Your coffee table is the ideal place to display those quirky keepsakes and travel mementos.

3. Use objects of different heights

Your how to build a coffee table should have a variety of objects that are at different heights. The eye should be able to move along an optical path. To create interest, Who should arrange the ornaments in a way that encourages the eye to look up and down. You don’t want them to be so high that they block your view from the sofa. But, it would help if you explored other levels.

4. Display a medley of textures

The texture is essential. You will often see How to style a coffee table made of the same material as other objects. A glossy vase next to a polished bird ornament on top of a shiny tray. It’s just too many of the same finish. It would help if you did not repeat the same finish. Instead, look for tactile materials that feel and look different.

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Discover the depth of the field

5. Discover the depth of the field

This means that you don’t need to arrange all your objects in one line. It would help if you placed tall things in the back and smaller ones in the front of your How to style a coffee table arrangement. You want everyone to see it. Instead of thinking of it as a row, consider the agreement to be a group of items with some closer than others.

6. A Flower or Plant is Essential

An essential component of styling a how to make a coffee table is a flower arrangement. You can even fake it (I do it all of the time in client’s homes). Plants and flowers can bring life to a scene and break up the monotony of too many heavy items.

If you are a black thumb, here’s my list of top fake plant suppliers.

7. Look Beyond the Surface

While the look of your How to style a coffee table styling matters, you also need to consider other senses. While we’ve already discussed tactile objects that you like to touch, the scent is also essential. What is best done with a fragrance candle? In most coffee table styling scenes for my clients, I include a candle. The candle also gives the location a circular look.

Need some inspiration? Here are my top 18 Aussie candle companies.

8. You should choose larger items over Trinkets

Your how to style a coffee table should have the correct number of pieces. Who will discuss your coffee table’s shape further, but larger pieces generally look better than small trinkets. Too many small items can create a messy look. You can have more visual impact with more oversized items without feeling cluttered.

9. Contain Items with a Tray

A tray can be a great option if you have a large table and need to display many items. Who can use a tray to store various things on a large table and still allow you to place books beside it? Make sure the tray you choose is not made of the same material that your How to style a coffee table top.

Twenty coffee table trays will make your space look great in a variety of styles.

10. Think About the Table from All Angles

It is important to remember that a coffee table is something you can view from every direction. Don’t place all your pieces facing the same direction. The spine of books is designed to meet one way, but other objects may be oriented differently.

How to style an oval coffee table?

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How to style an oval coffee table?
  • Who can use oval tables in one of two ways: they can mirror a round table or be formal.
  • Round table philosophy allows you to showcase three moments at different heights at the center of the table (flowers, candles, and coasters, for instance).
  • It is best to have one significant moment at the center (like a flower) and two smaller moments at either side (like books).

I hope you’re now more familiar with how to set up a how to style a coffee table. Please feel free to ask me any questions below. You can also join my members-only Facebook group to receive style advice from the TLC community and me. Send us a photo, and we’ll weigh in with style advice. It’s friendly and fun, and you can join our Facebook group.

How to style a rectangular coffee table?

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How to style a rectangular coffee table?
  • It is a good idea to divide the table into three sections.
  • But, you don’t have to space them equally across the table.
  • One significant moment, a little off-center at the top of the table.
  • You can create smaller vignettes on either side of the more critical moment (book stack, tray, etc.)
  • Be aware of the depth of field. Some objects should be closer to the table’s front, while others should be further back.


Before you decide on the style of your how to style a coffee table, think about how you use it. Are you someone who likes to set down a drink on your coffee table while watching TV? Are you a board gamer? Do you want to read books and magazines on weekends or do you prefer to play board games? Even though the best coffee table is elegantly designed, they won’t be helpful if they don’t serve their intended purpose.

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