How to install cabinet handles the easy way

How to install cabinet handles are great for kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom cabinets. How to install cabinet handles is a lot like installing knobs on doors, except usually much easier because they don’t need to be functional (i.e., turn when you open them). Even so, there’s no reason not to make it easy on yourself by starting with an uncomplicated design and following these simple steps. However, keep in mind that cabinets come in different shapes and sizes; some can hold one handle while others may require two or more installing cabinet handles. So after taking into account the number of doors the cabinet(s) in question have, select your favorite style of handle and get started!

The conventional method of installing a cabinet handle is to use a drill, a screwdriver, and two screws. But I’m going to show you how you can simplify this process with a power drill and an installation kit that includes the necessary fasteners for making your job even more accessible.

First, place the handle on top of where it will be mounted so you can mark the holes with the pencil or pen. How far away from the edge of your door? There are several factors involved in choosing how to install cabinet handles distance, including aesthetics (the location where the handle looks its best), practicality (where does someone need to grab hold of it?), and safety (where won’t someone’s hand get accidentally slammed in the drawer?). 

Manual Handle Install

how to install cabinet handles
Manual Handle Install

Tired of using screwdrivers to tighten your how to install cabinet handles every time they come loose? Manual handles are the best approach. What do you require for this undertaking? 

  • – Manual handle set (4)
  • – Tape Measure/Ruler with CM marks 
  • – Pencil with HB lead 
  • – Drill 

I got my Manual Handles from the Local Hardware Store for $2 each; make sure it has a metal rod that goes down into the cabinet with a rubber gasket on it. You can also buy them online here. I bought mine without knowing if it would fit, but lucky me, how to install cabinet handles these handles were universal! I didn’t have to drill any holes or cut anything. Now let’s get started!

Making the Drawer Jig

how to install cabinet handles
Making the Drawer Jig

I made this drawer jig to help me with the easy way to how to install cabinet handles. It’s simple and helps to align everything perfectly.

1) Making handle holes : – I started by making marks on each drawer box side where I wanted my handles to go. Then, using a 3/4 “spade bit, drill through the bottom of the lines to have enough space for the screwdriver tip. Make sure not to drill too deep; you don’t want to push in any other direction!

2) Make a pilot hole: – Next, align your jig with one of your holes and make a pilot hole at the depth it will tell you. Contingent upon the size of the screws install drawer pulls. 

Making the Door Jig 

how to install cabinet handles
Making the Door Jig 

I recently finished my first DIY project, which was replacing the handles of our kitchen cabinets. I looked around online to see if anyone had made a jig for how to install cabinet handles but didn’t find anything that was exactly what I needed. So instead, I decided that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one myself with some tools and how to install cabinet handles materials lying around my house installing cabinet hardware.

This is the result – An adjustable handle-mounting jig. It’s not extravagant or pretty, yet it tackles its work competently!

Making the Door Jig Here’s how you can make your handle-mounting jig in 5 steps: 

Step 1 – Making the Handle Mounting Block This block is probably the most challenging of making these jigs. Who should make a proper handle-mounting block out of relatively solid material so it doesn’t flex when screws are driven into it. I was able to find an extra piece of plywood lying around my home that I could use for this step – Making the Handle Mounting Block. How to install cabinet handles The measurements for this step are entirely up to you. My handle mounting block is about 4 1/2″ X 3″, but yours can be whatever length and width suits your needs well.

Making the cutout at the right side of the block is also pretty much up to you, although it should be large enough that your cabinet handle can sit flat inside it (or however large your handle is). Making the cutout at the left side of my handle mounting block is a bit odd-looking cabinet handle placement. If you can sort out a way of making it look better, put it all on the line! Making the right size of this cutout is also up to you. I just sized mine so that my handle would fit into how to install cabinet handles cutout with only very little wiggle room on all sides.

Step 2 – Making the Guide Bar Making this guide bar is pretty straightforward and requires some elbow grease and some screws. Making the Guide Bar The measurements and angles in the photo should be plenty for making your own, but if they don’t suit your needs, feel free to change them around as needed. How to install cabinet handles Ensuring that there’s enough space under the mounting block’s left side (where we’ll be doing most of our work) is essential for this step. Making the Guide Bar

Step 3 – Making the Handle Clamping Jig Making this jig is straightforward and requires a bit of woodworking skill. Making the Handle Clamping Jig The measurements in the photos should be plenty for making your own, but if they don’t suit your needs, feel free to change them around as needed.

Step 4 – Using the Jigs Making these jigs might take you anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on how well you assembled and measured everything out beforehand! Using the Jigs Use your handle mounting block and guide bar just like any other handle installation kit. Pre-drill some pilot holes into your cabinets (or wherever else), slide in your screws, and you’re done! Using the Jig.

Step 5 – Making a Handle Installation Kit Making a handle installation kit is just like making a jig, but it’s much more helpful for actually installing your new handles. Making a Handle Installation Kit The measurements in these photos should be plenty for making your own, but if they don’t suit your needs, feel free to change them around as needed. Making a Handle Installation Kit.

The author of this article would like to clarify that he is not an expert carpenter or cabinet maker by any means. We encourage you to take what you’ve read with a grain of salt and adapt it in whatever way works best for you how to install cabinet handles door knobs kitchen.


how to install cabinet handles

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The Fastest & Easiest Way to Install Cabinet Handles Video

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