How to clean wrought iron outdoor patio furniture

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how to clean wrought iron

How to clean wrought iron furniture seems to be a necessary part of any outdoor area. Many homeowners choose it because it is more attractive and will last longer than other types of patio furniture. However, how to clean wrought iron outdoor furniture needs to be kept clean and cared for, or its appearance will deteriorate quickly.

 All wrought iron pieces of patio furniture need some coating that will prevent them from rusting or corroding when left outside in the elements. Some of these come already applied and do not need to be re-applied yearly, but others must have a new coat applied every year using special tools and specific metal-repair products designed for this purpose. It is also possible to buy how to clean wrought iron patio furniture pre-coated with polymers and will not need an additional coating, but these types of pieces are usually more expensive wrought iron table and chairs.

For traditional wrought iron patio furniture that must be re-coated every year, an annual upkeep routine should include the following:

  • Using a soft cloth to dust off any dirt or accumulated grime       
  • Using soapy water on stubborn stains 
  • Applying metal coatings designed for how to clean wrought iron outdoor wrought iron patio furniture craigslist  

The exact type of product needed will depend on how often the piece has been coated in previous years. It also helps to remove rust altogether using either steel wool or sandpaper before applying new protective coatings. Be sure to let the product set according to the manufacturer’s instructions before using or storing the wrought iron garden furniture second hand. 

How to clean wrought iron outdoor furniture should be kept under shelter during rainstorms, especially if they are not pre-coated with protective materials. Some pieces need additional metal treatments to be applied after storage to keep them looking their best through the winter months used wrought iron patio furniture.

Cleaning wrought iron patio furniture can be challenging; how does one go about doing that?

how to clean wrought iron
cleaning wrought iron
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Cleaning wrought iron

Well, if you have a nice outdoor patio set made of the popular metal how to clean wrought iron, second hand wrought iron garden furniture how do you keep it clean used wrought iron patio furniture for sale?

You may wonder how to keep your patio furniture looking great and how to remove dirt and grime from the beautiful piece of art. You may want to know how to use used wrought iron table and chairs a pressure washer on how to clean wrought iron. Keep reading below to learn how!

Purchase your supplies

The first thing you will need to do is purchase supplies for this how-to. Below I have listed what you will need and how much of it. Of course, everyone may do things differently; if you feel the need to clean your wrought iron differently than I did, go ahead and try it out! Don’t let anything stop you from doing something different than how someone else does it because as long as it gets the job done, who cares? Who can purchase most tools at a hardware store; Home Depot or Lowes would be great places to check used wrought iron patio set!

Keep in mind what kind of weather conditions your furniture will be exposed to (such as rain) and buy accordingly used iron patio furniture. Also, how dirty is your how to clean wrought iron? I was hoping you could show me how dirty you can make it used cast iron bistro set and how well our how-to worked!

Step 1: Materials & Supplies List:

Tools/Equipment Needed: –

  • Metal Polish (I will refer to this as polish from here on out)
  • How to clean wrought iron Cleaner (again, I will use this name for the product)
  • Rag or Towel (for application of cleaner and polisher)
  • Bucket (if not included with other tools purchased at the hardware store)
  • Measuring cup (not needed, but helpful, so you don’t have to measure each time continuously)

Tips: How to make iron shine sure the metal polish and how to clean wrought iron cleaner say they are non-abrasive. If they are abrasive, they can scratch the metal. Be careful how much polish you use, but don’t let it dry on your furniture for too long (especially if windy outside) because it will leave white residue or streaks wherever extra polish is left on the used rod iron patio furniture used wrought iron bistro set.

Step 2: Make sure wrought iron is free of large debris.

Before applying any cleaner, make sure there aren’t large leaves, sticks, twigs, etc., stuck to your patio furniture. They might not come off quickly, and they may even cause more damage to be done if they aren’t removed before chemical application! I just used the hose in my backyard to blast away whatever was stuck onto my patio set for this step. You could also use a regular hose with a spray nozzle to do this step.

If any dirt, dust, or loose debris is caught on the furniture, make sure it is entirely removed before moving on to the next step. I don’t like how my hands feel slimy after hosing my patio furniture down, so I made sure to wear gloves for this how-to!

Step 3: Mix cleaner according to instructions on the product label.

After you have prepped your how to clean wrought iron pieces by removing large pieces of debris and ensuring that all loose dirt has been removed, you are ready to apply the cleaner according to product label instructions! Before using any chemical or cleaner on your patio set, always check first for signs of rust on the piece and how to treat it if rust is found. I will not be going into caring for or removing any rust from your patio furniture because this how-to is meant only to show how I do it, not how you should wrought iron polish!

how to clean wrought iron
cleaning wrought iron
polishing wrought iron
how to shine wrought iron
wrought iron polish
how to make iron shine
Polishing wrought iron

Step 4: Apply cleaner using a rag or towel.

I purchased a bottle of “ZEP Commercial Grade Outdoor Patio Furniture Cleaner” at Wal-Mart in their lawn and garden section for this how-to. This product comes in a massive 16oz bottle and can be used on outdoor metal furniture, including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and how to clean wrought iron! It says on the label that it doesn’t contain bleach or harmful chemicals, so that makes me feel safe using it on my gardening tools and my patio furniture! You can find this how-to product at Wal-Mart or any other hardware store.

For this how-to, I used about half of the bottle to give you an idea of how much cleaner you will need depending on how big your how to clean wrought iron pieces are. The 16oz bottle covered almost all of my outdoor living room set with extra leftovers for future use! If this step is not done thoroughly, then the polish may not stick to the metal. If that happens, then simply apply more cleaner to ensure that all dirt has been removed before proceeding with polishing!

Step 5: Polish until dry 

After you have cleaned off all dirt from your how to clean wrought iron piece(s), it is now time to apply the metal polish! I used Turtle Wax Metal Polish, applied about a quarter size onto my rag, and started with one of my smaller outdoor tables. I noticed how easy this metal polish was wiped on and how shiny the table got after each wipe, so imagine how much easier it will be to polish your larger pieces such as chaise lounge chairs or an umbrella base!

The smell of this product wasn’t as bad as other polishes I have used in the past, but depending on how sensitive your nose is, you may want to use this outdoors or in a well-ventilated space used wrought iron patio furniture for sale near me.

Step 6: Allow polish to dry and shine away!

After you have entirely polished and buffed out all areas of your how to clean wrought iron furniture, allow it to dry, and then enjoy how clean and shiny it looks! I was amazed at how dirty my patio set was before I cleaned it and how much more excellent this metal cleaner and polish made my pieces look.

Step 7: Re-apply cleaner/polish as necessary 

How to clean wrought iron often you use your outdoor furniture will determine how often you will need to apply the cleaner/polish combo. If there are areas of rust forming or heavy dirt buildup in crevices, then make sure to clean those areas off before applying more product. I usually only have to re-apply the product every 6 months or so for my patio set because of how much weather we get here in Oregon (rain almost every day!)

Final word

how to clean wrought iron
cleaning wrought iron
polishing wrought iron
how to shine wrought iron
wrought iron polish
how to make iron shine
How to shine wrought iron

I hope you enjoyed how I cleaned my outdoor patio furniture and if this how-to helped you, please let me know how it worked for you! I am all about DIY cleaning methods, so if anyone has any other cool how-to’s or videos they would like to share with me, please send them in!

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